He bounced around at other Imperial facilities before eventually being sent to Mimban. Flying through the shields at lightspeed, the Falcon landed roughly on the edge of a cliff. Chewbacca fought Dengar until Solo and Organa arrived, and Solo shot Dengar in the back. Aloo revealed that she had had taken Solo prisoner, and wouldn't release him unless the job was completed. They soon discovered that the spaceport was being occupied by several stormtroopers, Scout troopers, and an AT-ST walker. Chewbacca's distressed when Hoth closes the shield doors to withstand a brutal storm with Han and Luke still outside. Without being pursued, Solo and Chewbacca flew down to the nearby planet, the Falcon heavily damaged. Trillick and Chewbacca proceeded to travel towards the location of the temple, bringing K-2SO along. Arriving at Mos Eisley on Tatooine to speak with Jabba about the lost cargo, they sat down in Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina. Having learned of the mysterious return of the Emperor, Chewbacca and the crew of the Falcon, now including Poe Dameron, traveled to the planets Pasaana and Kijimi to find a clue to how to find where the Emperor was hiding, being reunited with his friend Calrissian in the process. In the non-canon crossover Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars, Chewbacca is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. This article covers an essential topic and is in need of major additions and/or work. Blue[3] This set off a mass Wookiee uprising all over Kashyyyk. Chewbacca chokes Lando Calrissian for betraying the group. Le célèbre ronflement du sabre laser, le cri de Chewbacca, le rugissement du T-Rex... Découvrez comment ont été fabriqués les sons les plus mythiques du cinéma. [62], Twenty days or so later,[63] Chewbacca participated alongside Solo, C-3PO, Kes Dameron, Sakas and other Rebel troops on a raid on an ISB black site at the Wretch of Tayron. Rey, allongée au sol, déboussolée et affaiblie, entend alors les voix de nombreux Jedi défunts résonner en elle. [68], During the Resistance's time on Anoat, Chewbacca piloted the Millenium Falcon to save Rey after she provoked an attack by an Anoatian pit beast. [51] However, Krrsantan was defeated when he attacked C-3PO, who electrocuted Krrsantan. [52], Later, Chewbacca assisted the rebellion in commandeering the Star Destroyer Harbinger. Beckett a justement besoin de bras pour son prochain coup : subtiliser un précieux chargement de coaxium sur la planète Vandor. Ils captent le signal du X-wing de Rey. They gave up the fuel they desperately needed, so that Odon could use the fuel to pay for her and the other prisoners' way home. Il y retrouve Lando Calrissian, un de ses vieux amis qui est le gouverneur d'une cité dans les nuages. [76] George Lucas placed off-limits the possibility to use Chewbacca in The Clone Wars when writer Henry Gilroy was writing the show bible,[77] though he later appeared in the third season episode "Wookiee Hunt. Lando décolle peu après et abandonne ses compagnons, pris en embuscade par Enfys Nest, qui révèle la vérité sur son groupe : ils ne sont pas des pirates mais des rebelles à l'autorité de l'Empire et des syndicats criminels. Chewbacca Chewie eventually found his way to the mine's loading bay, which was full of crates of Andelm beetle larvae. don't ask me why. Des chasseurs rebelles et le Faucon Millenium piloté par Lando pénètrent dans sa structure et détruisent l'alimentation du bâtiment spatial. Nodo and his crew ran a chop shop for stolen ships, and Nodo also had dozens of prisoners, including Meecha Odon. The Falcon was subsequently attacked by the Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger, but with a maneuver devised by Solo, they were able to avoid the vessel and fled to Cloud City on the gas giant Bespin, where they would request help from Calrissian, an old acquaintance of Han's. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. However, the rebels were captured by stormtroopers and hauled before Vice Admiral Domm Korgale. [7], However, Solo had double-crossed Beckett and Vos: the containers he left with the Cloud-Raiders were empty, and Nest dispatched the agents Vos sent to retrieve it. In the meantime, Chewie and Zarro managed to escape on a TIE/sa bomber. With no choice but to continue, Chewbaccca continued the job, along with Trillick. Rey rushed to warn her comrades that the First Order knew their location and that they needed to find the wayfinder quickly. He and his son experienced an emotional reunion during the liberation of Kashyyyk. [33], Solo and Chewbacca climbed the projector, but were confronted by Zuckuss who tossed spears at them. During the trip, Solo and Chewbacca were attacked by several TIE fighters. With their new-found ship and confidence, Solo and Chewbacca began engaging in much more dangerous and risky criminal operations, eventually becoming smugglers. Ce dernier est élevé principalement par sa mère et par son grand-père Attichitcuk, père de Chewbacca. Trahi par Lando, Han Solo est congelé dans de la carbonite. Chewie was later seen aboard the Millennium Falcon when Luke came in to remember all the good times he had in his adventure. [21], Like many of his people, Chewbacca preferred their native bowcaster as his personal weapon. Mais, démasquée, elle est à son tour retenue captive. Chewbacca then detonated the charges, allowing Poe to fly in and destroy the base's weak point thirty seconds before it drained the sun to charge the superweapon. [60], Separated from the others, Chewbacca began to partially reassemble C-3PO, when Solo was escorted back by stormtroopers, having been tortured by Vader, with Organa. Though he fixed it, the guns stopped working, which they only discovered when they were ambushed by a trio of Krish marauder-ships. La création de Chewbacca en tant que "copilote gentil, poilu et non anglophone" a été inspirée par George Lucas voyant son propre chien assis sur le siège passager de sa voiture[5]. Le jeune Luke Skywalker se lance dans la bataille avec l'escadron rebelle affronter la station. They revealed that Han and Chewie had a bounty on their head, put there by Nodo himself. Celui-ci, pour faire avouer à la princesse Leia où se trouve la base de l'Alliance rebelle, n'a pas hésité à faire annihiler la planète Alderaan par le super-laser de l’Étoile noire. Légendaire guerrier Wookiee et copilote du Faucon Millenium aux côtés du légendaire contrebandier Han Solo, Chewbacca fait partie du noyau de rebelles qui ont restauré la liberté dans la galaxie. While struggling through the tunnel, the Wookiee was haunted by memories of his enslavement at the hands of the Trandoshans. [10], That night, Organa freed Solo from his encasement at the cost of her freedom, for Jabba had caught her red-handed, and whereas the princess was to remain at the Hutt's side, Solo was thrown in a cell together with Chewbacca, who gave him a passionate embrace, happy to reunite with his old friend, and told him that Skywalker would free them with the skills he had learned as a Jedi Knight.[10]. Le personnage de Chewbacca est basé sur un concept-art réalisé par Ralph McQuarrie. As the scuffle continued, Rey accidentally released three rathtars. Zarro's escape plan encountered a problem when she was caught by Jaum and his men. Wookiee[3] Peter Mayhew created one of the greatest film characters of all time. Following the reorganization of the Republic into the Galactic Empire, Chewbacca saw his people sent to work as slaves,[16] or as miners in places such as Kessel,[23] or made to serve as science experiments. Favorite Chewbacca and the crew hurried through the crowds to the fringes of the festival, eventually stealing a pair of skiff speeders and attracting the attention of two First Order treadspeeders, which began a fierce pursuit aided by jet troopers. A l'origine George Lucas souhaitait un mélange Together, they set out to save their friend but did not manage to prevent Fett from leaving with his bounty. Sur Pasaana, poursuivis par le Premier Ordre, ils sont sauvés par Lando Calrissian. However, they grew increasingly suspicious, especially after C-3PO disappeared. Dark Vador ordonne alors une attaque immédiate. Sur la planète désertique et glacée de Hoth, nos héros se trouvent dans la base Rebelle bientôt découverte par une sonde impériale. There were many early versions of Chewbacca's appearance (including one concept art that eventually became the basis of the Lasat). After not checking in, Leia and Artoo started looking for him. With much effort, Chewie managed to climb through the roots of a dead tree and topple it, creating a pit large enough for all the miners to climb up. [70], Aboard the Star Destroyer Steadfast, General Hux presented to Allegiant General Pryde a "valuable prisoner" taken during the fighting: Chewbacca, still alive and safe aboard a different transport. During the battle, one of the last ones of the war, Yoda's clone troopers received Order 66 from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and, with the help of Chewbacca and his fellow Wookiee Tarfful, Yoda escaped Kashyyyk and the destruction of the Jedi Order. However, the Resistance had also been tipped off, and Resistance T-70 X-wing starfighters led by Poe Dameron arrived to fight the First Order. Pour compenser le fiasco sur Vandor, Han propose de dérober du coaxium brut sur la planète Kessel et vite aller le faire raffiner sur la planète Savareen. After the miners including Zarro's father Arrax objected to Jaum's plan, the gangster ordered his men to execute the miners. [70], The Falcon arrived at the Sinta Glacier Colony, and Finn opened the docking hatch to meet a Resistance informant, Boolio, who informed them about a spy in the First Order and gave them a message in the form of a data encoder, ordering them to give it to General Organa. Ben, removing his mask and seeming almost regretful, handed his lightsaber to Solo, and asked for his father's help, in which Solo replied that he would do anything for him. Clone Commander Gree, Yoda, and Chewbacca on Kashyyyk. [60], Aware of Solo's location on Jabba's Palace, the team gradually infiltrated the fortress to rescue the Corellian: First, Calrissian infiltrated as a guard, then the droids as Skywalker's "gift," then Leia Organa posing as the bounty hunter Boushh with Chewbacca as her quarry; she convinced Jabba with a thermal detonator, so the Hutt had Chewbacca imprisoned. Rey eventually found Exegol during a failed self-exile attempt to protect the galaxy from her becoming a Sith, and led the charge during the battle that ensued later on. As they flew Falcon away from Valtos, Chewbacca and Solo ejected Beris' barrel into space with a homing beacon to notify his family. Star Wars : comment imiter le cri de Chewbacca Lozen had fitted all of the Wookiees living on Kashyyyk with inhibitor chips which he controlled using a control module that he kept on his person. Bouleversée, Rey pense avoir tué Chewbacca sans le vouloir et rejoint ses amis à bord du vaisseau du loyaliste Sith en direction de Kijimi. He was married to a female named Mallatobuck, and had a family to support, including a son named Lumpawaroo. Teen Saw a Note From Homeless Man and Decided to Help ; When Pixar's "Kitbull" Makes Us All Cry ; 10 Life Lessons Mrs. Rogers Taught Us All ; Artist Takes Old Books and Crafts Them into Fine China [31], As they were unloading the rhydonium from the Falcon at Valtos space port, Zuckuss and 4-LOM attacked them. Légendaire guerrier Wookiee et copilote du Faucon Millenium aux côtés du légendaire contrebandier Han Solo, Chewbacca fait partie du noyau de rebelles qui ont restauré la liberté dans la galaxie. Lui rappelant qu'elle détient le savoir de plusieurs générations de Jedi, elle fait face à l'empereur Palpatine pour le défier. Star Wars Origami: 11 Amazing Paper Folding Projects from a Galaxy Far, Far Away.... 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Chewbacca, known affectionately to his friends as Chewie, is a Wookiee male warrior, smuggler, mechanic, pilot, and resistance fighter who fought in the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, and the conflict and subsequent war between the First Order and the Resistance. Homeworld During the fighting at the castle, despite killing multiple stormtroopers, Han, Chewbacca, and Finn were captured by the First Order. George Lucas avait donné la photo d’un lémurien à McQuarrie pour l’inspiration. Le général de la Résistance, désemparé, s'avoue presque vaincu lorsqu'une gigantesque flotte alliée sort soudain de l'hyperespace, dont le Faucon Millenium piloté par Lando et Chewbacca, pour renverser la bataille. [31], Once landing, they began making repairs, until they found out that the planet was inhabited by the crime lord Nodo. Rey and Kylo both noticed the departure of a transport, and while she used the Force to pull the ship back to the ground, Kylo counteracting her by pushing it away. They then used the Dominion's cannons to destroy the nearby Vitiator. Once aware of Solo's intentions, Chewbacca pretended to be angry at Solo and shoved him, sending him flying into a trooper to grab his E-11 blaster rifle and destroy the field generators, flooding the hangar with Cyrkon's toxic gases. When his friend Han Solo briefly went missing while conducting a night time search and rescue mission on the planet Hoth, Chewbacca was visibly upset and worried while he awaited Solo's return. La princesse Leia, déguisée en chasseur de primes, s'infiltre dans le palais du criminel en livrant Chewbacca à Jabba. Jas also recruited more Wookiee exiles and smugglers for their planned uprising. Solo was frozen in carbonite and Calrissian helped the others escape, but they were too late to save the frozen Solo from being taken by Boba Fett to Jabba the Hutt. De retour sur leur planète, les membres de la Résistance fêtent leur victoire. Au cours du conflit galactique opposant la République Galactique à la Confédération des Systèmes Indépendants, Chewbacca fut capturé par une guilde de chasseurs Trandoshan dirigée par Garnac et emmené sur Wasskah où les apprentis Jedi Ahsoka Tano, Jinx et O-Merétaient déjà retenus prisonniers. [38], While the miners discussed a way of digging themselves out of the mine, Chewie came up with the idea of climbing out vertically through a sinkhole. Please click the dropdown below to see the full list. Choose Your Destiny: A Han & Chewie Adventure, Chewie vs. Holochess - Let the Wookiee Win, A New Hope: The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy, Episode IV: A New Hope Read-Along Storybook and CD, Star Wars: A New Hope Graphic Novel Adaptation, The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight, Star Wars: The Original Trilogy – A Graphic Novel, The Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure, Choose Your Destiny: A Luke & Leia Adventure, Han Solo vs. the Space Slug - The Escape Artist. Sains et saufs, Luke et ses amis retournent à leurs vaisseaux respectifs et quittent la planète. Une femme fait une imitation assez fidèle de Chewbacca, le personnage poilu de Star Wars. Chewbacca, Han and Finn are captured by the First Order on Takodana. Chewbacca took part in an assault on Weapons Factory Alpha, on the moon Cymoon 1, alongside the usual team—Solo, Organa, Skywalker, C-3PO and R2-D2—, with Solo posing as the envoy of Jabba the Hutt to enter the factory, Skywalker and Organa disguised as his bodyguards, along with R2-D2. Elle décide alors de s'enfuir. Han Solo arrive à embarquer in-extremis à bord de son vaisseau, le Faucon Millenium, avec Chewbacca et la chef rebelle Leia Organa. In order to defeat Grand Moff Tolruck, Chewie and his rebel allies devoted their time to finding Tolruck's island fortress. Sa destruction et l’élimination de Palpatine présent sur les lieux porteraient un coup fatal à l’Empire. A fierce dogfight ensued and resulted in the destruction of many First Order TIEs and the deaths of many stormtroopers from X-wing strafing runs. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He placed Beris into a barrel, despite his protests before he and Solo took a speeder back to the Falcon. Chewbacca est abattu par cette nouvelle. [60], However, with the Falcon's damaged hyperdrive, they were unable to leave the system and escape the Imperial blockade, which prompted Solo to pilot the ship into a nearby asteroid field, hoping that the Imperials would be unwilling to follow them there. Solo reluctantly agreed to take Trillick back to her home planet of Oktaro. [39], While Chewie exchanged fire with Jaum, Zarro managed to bring the rigged R5 droid "Boomer" aboard the shuttle. [10], With the tribe's help, they reached the shield generator the next morning, and Wicket told them about a secret door at the back of the facility. After she told them their destination and the password, Chewbacca and Solo rented a V-40 and went into a hotel, where they met Ematt, but were attacked by the bounty hunters again, as Leighton had revealed their location to save Curtis's life. Son nom a été donné à une nouvelle espèce de coléoptères : Trigonopterus chewbacca[11]. Sur Endor, les héros fêtent leur victoire. En retrouvant le Faucon Millenium avec, à son bord, Rey, Finn et le droïde BB-8 qui possède un morceau de carte menant à Luke Skywalker, Han accepte de les aider à rejoindre la Résistance. A l’origine le dessinateur était parti sur un Chewbacca féminin, mais a très vite revu ses plans pour le faire devenir mâle. 1977 Original Chewbacca Star Wars Action Figure Vintage StarWars Toys, With Cape And Light Saber Kenner Star Wars Toy, Father's Day Gifts SBVintageToys. In the original trilogy, Chewbacca is portrayed by Peter Mayhew. Mais l'empereur a prévu l'attaque et à peine sont-ils arrivés à l’intérieur du bâtiment que les rebelles sont encerclés par une multitude d'adversaires. [70], General Pryde ordered General Hux to execute the Resistance members, but Hux turned on his troops, revealed himself to be the Resistance spy, and guided the crew to the Falcon. Qi'ra combat Vos et le tue, permettant à Han de fuir et tuer Beckett. The implication infuriated Chewbacca, forcing Finn and Poe to calm him. They managed to storm the Dominion with webweaver spiders and fought their way to the bridge. Chewbacca, pretending to be an Imperial prisoner. Rey apprend l'existence de reliques Sith qui pourraient la mener jusqu'à Palpatine, l'une d'elles se trouve sur une planète désertique : Pasaana. Roughly a year after the battle of Crait, Chewbacca was one of the last of the Resistance. Luke retrouve ses amis au point de rassemblement de la flotte de guerre des rebelles. Les quelques navettes rebelles épargnées se réfugient dans une ancienne base de la Rébellion pourvue d'une porte monumentale et envoient un message de détresse à travers la galaxie. Ce dernier retrouve alors Lando, et gagne le Faucon durant une autre partie de Sabacc en déjouant cette fois-ci la triche de Lando. Chewbacca took on the task of finding the missing protocol droid, eventually rescuing him from a junk pile. During the last days of the war,[1] Lieutenant[22] Chewbacca was a major player in the Battle of Kashyyyk, overseeing the confrontation between the Grand Army of the Republic and the invading Separatist Droid Army alongside Tarfful and Jedi General Yoda, as well as Jedi Master Luminara Unduli. [53] Chewbacca jettisoned the ship's reactor just before it exploded, creating the illusion that the ship was destroyed. Ren ordered the First Order to pull out, saying they had what they came for. Courroucé par cette perte, Jabba décide alors de jeter Skywalker, Chewbacca et Solo dans la gueule du Sarlacc, un arthropode géant vivant au milieu des dunes de Tatooine. En voulant p… Chewbacca, Solo, and Organ then went to save Luke from Grakkus, only to find several stormtroopers in the way. After meeting Zarro's father, Chewie joined forces with the miners to fight their way out of the mine. Poe damaged the Falcon in the escape, angering Chewbacca, and further infuriated him performing several lightspeed skips to shake off their pursuers. Han se rallie à leur cause et décide de duper Dryden, venu récupérer le coaxium, mais découvre la trahison de Beckett. Les vaisseaux-chasseurs du Premier Ordre les ont suivis et les héros s'en sortent de justesse, après avoir poussé (malgré le désaccord de Chewbacca) le Faucon Millenium dans ses retranchements suite à plusieurs sauts rapprochés dans l'hyperespace. Chewbacca was funny, courageous, and caring. Chewbacca also fetched C-3PO, who had fallen behind, to enter the facility and slice its computers. At this time, Kylo Ren established a connection with Rey through their Force-bond and stole a necklace she had received from the Aki-Aki. La dette de vie est une tradition chez les Wookiees : si quelqu'un les sauve, le Wookiee sauvé devra rester avec son sauveur jusqu'à lui avoir sauvé la vie et couper toute relation avec sa famille et ses ami(e)s. Ils font dès lors officiellement partie de l'équipage de Beckett avec sa femme Val et leur ami Rio Durant. Connu pour se mettre très facilement en colère et sa précision à l'arbalète, Chewbacca a aussi un grand cœur et fait preuve d'une loyauté indéfectible envers ses amis. Chewbacca helped her into the Falcon, and they fled. [67], Shortly afterward, Chewbacca arrived with the Millennium Falcon to rescue the scavenger and Finn, who was severely wounded by Ren. Chewbacca lets out a triumphant howl after Skywalker and Solo are awarded medals. Beckett managed to escape with the coaxium and Chewbacca as a hostage. The memorable voice of Chewbacca was designed by Ben Burtt, sound designer for all nine films. [16], Han and Chewie are reunited with the Millennium Falcon once again, At some point during the 30 years after the Battle of Endor, the Millennium Falcon was stolen from Han and Chewbacca,[66] at the age of 234,[65] and they were using a Baleen-class heavy freighter, the Eravana, for their smuggling operations. Peter Mayhew, who became known to fans worldwide as the lovable Wookiee Chewbacca in the Star Wars galaxy of films, has died. [7], Chewbacca, Solo, Qi'ra, Calrissian, and Beckett stole the unrefined coaxium from Kessel during a slave riot instigated by Calrissian's navigational droid, L3-37. [33], The two opposing sides decided that it would be best to work together to escape the droids, and they escaped to the Falcon. The most prominent of these voices was a black bear named Tarik, who died of congestive heart failure in 1994. [70], During the process, the Knights of Ren arrived on Kijimi after following the group there. [69], Traveling aboard the Millennium Falcon to the Sinta Glacier Colony, Finn and Poe Dameron engaged Chewbacca in an intense game of dejarik. He, along with many other Rebels, worked on keeping the ship afloat while flying it towards Tureen VII. Even though he was feeling the effects of Triple-Zero's poison, Chewbacca started fighting Krrsantan. Chewbacca with his wife Mallatobuck and son Lumpawaroo, A Wookiee male, Chewbacca otherwise known as Chewie hailed from Kashyyyk,[14] a peaceful planet where he was born in the city of Rwookrrorro[15] one hundred and eighty years before the Clone Wars[16] to Attichitcuk and a female Wookiee. [10], Chewbacca and his companions celebrating the Rebel victory at Endor, Thanks to the success of Han Solo's ploy, the Rebel forces, Chewbacca among them, stormed the bunker, detonating explosive charges and disabling the shield generator, allowing Calrissian, Nien Nunb and Wedge Antilles to destroy the Death Star above. When Luke heard of Han Solo's death, Chewie comforted him. [18], At some point during the Clone Wars, a galaxy-spanning conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Separatists,[1] Chewbacca famously shielded his allies,[19] and served as a combat engineer while other Wookiee soldiers led the charge in battle. His final appearance in the movie is based on a 1976 piece of concept art by Ralph McQuarrie, which in turn was based on an illustration by John Schoenherr for George R.R.